Damian Mingle - Chief Data Scientist
Damian Mingle, Chief Data Scientist

 “I founded the Society of Data Scientists out of my passion for extracting information from data, empowering individuals, and building community. “


As I have been invited to talks and spoken around the country on Data Science, I have encountered questions from Data Scientists (beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners).

Here are the essential questions I get asked:

  • What can I do to be better at Data Science?
  • Today, what are the best tools, techniques, and methods I should be using?
  • How do I get plugged into people that think about the world like me?
  • Which companies are doing Data Science well?
  • How do I feel in the gaps in my Data Science education?

At the Society we have a unique set of core values:

  • It all starts with great content.
  • Create an environment of sharing.
  • Be social and engage with one another.
  • Enable others by giving credit to them.
  • Teach our members to fish for themselves.

If you are interested in building a community around Data Science, one that meets your needs, we would be happy to have you.