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When you join SDS, you join a community of Data Science professionals united by a common desire to continuously learn, interact, collaborate, and innovate. SDS membership provides you with the resources and opportunities you need to keep on top of changes in Data Science; get involved in standards development; network with other professionals in your local area or within a specific technical interest; mentor the next generation of Data Scientists, and so much more. There is no better time to discover all that SDS membership has to offer.

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Gain Expertise and Open Career Doors

SODS houses an unrivaled network of professionals, experts, and advisors that can help shape your career, offer resources to acquire new skills, advance your professional development, and provide numerous opportunities for involvement, recognition, and reward.

Stay Current and Get Ahead
Membership grants you access to one of the largest library of Data Science material as well as the latest technology trends, industry news, and events.

Build a Network
Collaborate with SODS colleagues and member groups, online or in person, to build a support group for your profession, industry, or project.

Expand your personal network with colleagues who share your expertise and commitment.

SDS members can take advantage of exclusive and discounted pricing on a variety of products and services (where available) that can add up to substantial savings.

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