Membership Benefits

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the SODS, including:

  • Global recognition of credentials by employers; a pathway for international mobility
  • Ability to play a critical role in business and society
  • Innovative research on a wide range of topics that inform and guide business, policy, and society
  • Rigorous education that prepares individuals for data science careers
  • Career-long learning and advancement opportunities
    • Extensive professional development resources and range of opportunities from e-learning and in-person seminars to podcasts and webcasts
  • Access to a global network of skilled data scientists
  • Participation in sections related to an area of practice or special in
  • Volunteer opportunities to sharpen professional and leadership
    • Gain leadership skills
    • Get hands-on experience
    • Create a competitive advantage on key issues
    • Foster your professional network
    • Enhance collaboration and communication skills
  • Resource for career opportunities